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Hey there! I’m Michelle. Welcome to Live Like It’s the Weekend and thank you for stopping by.

By day, I’m a social media and branding consultant for small businesses. By night I’m the writer of this blog and also a relentless researcher of cheap/free airline tickets.

Everyone travels for different reasons- maybe it’s to feed their adrenaline, or learn a new language, delve into their family’s ancestry or just unwind from the daily grind.

Me? I travel to experience the expression of creativity through another culture’s lens — whether it be an artfully crafted meal, modern architecture or a well-designed coffee shop that is just so dang cute you could sit and people watch all day.

This site is for the creative soul’s incurable case of wanderlust. 

Just a few short months ago I left my corporate job in fashion to make travel a priority in my life. I don’t have a trust fund or a private jet in my backyard that takes me wherever I want to go. I’m just a normal girl traveling the world and I hope that by following my adventures and discovering various (well-designed) corners of the globe through this site, that it will fuel your inner creative’s curiosity and inspire your next adventure.



Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a world where terms like “TGIF” were non-existent because people loved Mondays just as much as Fridays? And wouldn’t it be freaking awesome if people were encouraged to do what they love and felt free to follow their passions every day, not just on weekends?

Live Like It’s the Weekend may be the name of this blog, but to me it’s also a motto for living life–a motto that I’ve committed to exploring this year and beyond. For me, living like it’s the weekend means saying yes to opportunities and invitations because I have the freedom to do so. It means taking spur of the moment adventures to discover something new and beautiful because I don’t have to ask anyone else’s permission to go. It’s trying something I’ve never done before or just partaking in an activity that allows me to relax and feed my soul. For me, it means creating a life rich with experiences. 

But it might mean something totally different for you.

It may not mean leaving behind family and friends for foreign lands or quitting the cubicle and that’s OK. My hope is that by sharing my own story, it will inspire you to dream bigger and invest in what makes you happy, not twenty years from now, but in the present moment.

Let’s stop waiting for the weekend and start living like it’s already here!

Image: Love & Light Photographs


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