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11 Dreamy Joshua Tree Homes to Rent Now

Driving from LA to Joshua Tree has the effect of popping a quick Xanax. As soon as you’ve escaped the hustle and bumper to bumper traffic surrounding the city it’s suddenly just you vs nature under the stars and your heart beat almost seems to slow. The desert oasis is equally eery as it is enchanting. It’s quiet. Really quiet. And for those accustomed to the omnipresent white noise of city life, it’s the ultimate place to unplug and regain a bit of balance and perspective.

It also happens to be a mecca for mid-century modern architecture and desert-infused design elements that are reason alone to go. After scouring my favorite site for short-term rentals, Airbnb, I’ve decided that if you’re in the market for a Joshua Tree escape, these are quite possibly the best places to call your temporary home.

The Joshua Tree House 07ac10547ca83e7c645cb6edf9efbe28

The Joshua Tree House
: Joshua Tree, CA: $192 per night, sleeps six.

The Home Sweet Homesteaderf4b8f2006c7234148d60c4163aaaaff7

The Home Sweet Homesteader, Joshua Tree: $150 per night, sleeps three. 

Joshua Tree Artist Retreat8042a69102efe27fa44d8de61844680a

Joshua Tree Artist Retreat, Yucca Valley: $200 per night, sleeps six. 

Saguaro HideawaySaguaro_Hideaway_JoshuaTree

Saguaro Hideaway, Joshua Tre: $175 per night, sleeps six.

Vintage Desert Farmhouse 2938406ea3c64659f63ea359f28ded2f

Vintage Desert Farmhouse, Joshua Tree: $135 per night, sleeps four. 

Shangri-La Mid-Century Mod Cabin a4a1af6f68435de5c81be1cd1425e432

Shangri-La Mid-Century Mod Cabin, Joshua Tree: $175 per night, sleeps four.

Off-Grid itHouse

Off-Grid itHouse, Pioneertown: $380 per night, sleeps four. 

Desert View Hideawayee989d91f2a29bc3242a12f7f907dfbb

Desert View Hideaway, Joshua Tree: $150 per night, sleeps two. 

High Desert House15288aed25f055b7cae1b1a3a3e78f29

High Desert House, Yucca Valley: $325 per night, sleeps four. 

JT West Parkway Cabin & Casita298132698f6e6116c1e7040807a4abb0

JT West Parkway Cabin & Casita, Joshua Tree: $158 per night, sleeps six. 

Modernist Jewel

Modernist Jewel, Joshua Tree: $185 per night, sleeps two. 

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*All photos via Airbnb

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