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Learning Spanish With Rosetta Stone’s New “Your Plan” Feature

Rosetta Stone Your Plan feature
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If you read about my journey to learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone, then you know I’ve been using their language learning program since last spring before my trip to Oaxaca, Mexico. I’ve tried improving my Spanish over the years through various apps and by traveling to countries whose native language is Spanish, but I didn’t get serious about learning until I started with Rosetta Stone.

Over the last year, Rosetta Stone has been allowing me to integrate learning Spanish into my on-the-go lifestyle in the most seamless way possible, and just this month, they launched a major new feature that helps you learn in a way that’s even more tailored to your specific needs. 

Introducing, Your Plan by Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone Your Plan feature

What is Your Plan?

Your Plan by Rosetta Stone is a new update to the software’s mobile and desktop application that helps language learners reach their goals with a more personalized plan for their specific needs. It allows you to choose from four different themed plans and at varying levels, depending on your current proficiency and lifestyle. The new Your Plan feature also sends you notifications to make sure you stay on track, which is especially helpful for me because I tend to need those reminders in my life! 

How It Works

If you’re already a Rosetta Stone customer and want to get the Your Plan feature, make sure to go into the App Store (for iPhone users) and update your Rosetta Stone app. It’s also currently available on Android. Once updated to version 6.0, you’ll receive a pop-up introducing Your Plan and you can go through and select the options that suit you. 

For anyone who doesn’t already use Rosetta Stone, you’ll want to purchase a general plan, and once you’re officially a customer the Your Plan feature will come included when you login for the first time. I’ve included a few screenshots below so you can get an overview of the different options available to you within the Your Plan section. 

You can choose from a Beginner, Intermediate or Proficient level, and then select the theme that meets your needs: Basics and Beyond, Travel, Family or Work. 


The Perks to the Your Plan Feature 

  • Daily notifications to help you stay on track
  • Bite-sized lessons are super quick, so you have no excuse to not keep up your daily lessons
  • Your Plan is available on your desktop or mobile device, so you can learn on the go or wherever is convenient for you 
  • Save the plans offline so that you can learn on the go in remote areas around the world 
  • Plans are available for 24 different languages 
  • Available plans at three different proficiency levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Proficient

Why Your Plan is So Great For Travelers

What I’m loving most about this new update to Rosetta Stone’s program is that I can tailor my lessons to my needs specifically as a traveler. Since learning a language for travel can be different than learning how to speak to coworkers, family or in a different setting, Rosetta Stone is making it easier than ever to improve language skills in a way that suits your setting. 

When you choose the Your Plan “Travel” theme, you’ll gain access to a 6 week program designed to get you ready to speak with confidence in your future travel destination. I love that the app gives you a breakdown of what you’ll be learning week to week — so for example, in the Travel plan, you’ll see that the important topics covered are those that pertain to being on the road in a new destination. You’ll focus on things like asking for directions, being polite with locals, and improving conversation around topics like landmarks, currency, and dining out. 

Want to get started with Rosetta Stone? Click HERE to check out their language learning plans. 

Rosetta Stone Your Plan feature

*** This post is sponsored by Rosetta Stone, but as always, all opinions are my own and I would never promote anything I don’t freaking love. ***

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