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Epic Oman Photography Tips & Locations to Inspire Your Visit

Jabreen Castle, Oman
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As someone who travels with a camera glued to their side, the truth is, this trip was one of the most inspiring I’ve taken in a long time as a photographer. I was so pleasantly surprised to find that Oman photography opportunities are plentiful.

The best news of all? There is very little crowding and competition here to get in the way of your beautiful shots.

Oman is still super underrated, which means we had some of the most beautiful locations practically to ourselves!

In this post I’m sharing my top 50 favorite Oman photos to inspire your own visit here, plus a few tips and tricks to help you capture Oman in your own unique way.

Happy traveling and shooting!

Oman desert layers at sunset

Best Oman Photography Locations at a Glance

  • Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
  • Mutrah Souq, Muscat
  • Wadi Shab
  • Bimmah Sinkhole
  • Nizwa Fort + Nizwa Souks
  • Birkat Al Mouz Ruins viewpoint
  • Yiti Round Viewpoint in Muscat
  • Bandar-Al Khairan viewpoint in Muscat
  • Mutrah Corniche, Muscat
  • Daymaniyat Islands
  • Al Hamra Mud Village
  • Wahiba Sands Desert
  • Jabal Al Akhdar Mountains

Oman Photography Tips

Shoot at Sunrise and Sunset: The sun gets HOT in Oman, and the light in the middle of the day can be really harsh. If you prefer that softer light, you’ll want to shoot during golden hour so that you can avoid super contrasted shadows.

Get to Tourist Destinations Early: For places like the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque and Wadi Shab that get loads of visitors, we made sure to be the first ones to enter before all the crowds. This will save you a lot of time photoshopping people out.

Consider Shooting Mid-Day for Turquoise Water: There are many destinations in Oman that have beautiful turquoise water like the Daymaniyat Islands, Wadi Shab and the Bimmah Sinkhole.

Though golden hour is ideal for other reasons, mid-day is actually the best light if you want the turquoise color of the water to pop, since the sun will bring out the best hues.

Pack a Long Lens: If you plan on visiting a desert camp in Oman in Wahiba Sands, then trust me, you’ll want a long lens. I’ve found in every sand dune landscape I’ve shot that I’m not loving any of the images until I pull out my 70-200mm lens and then everything turns out gold! Shop the lens I shoot with.

Ask First: If you are interested in taking photos of any of the local people in Oman, it’s important to ask permission first. It’s the respectful thing to do, and many Omani people speak English so it’s not too difficult to communicate.

Check out my full photography gear list here.

50 Oman Photos to Inspire Your Visit

There’s really nothing that will convince you to travel to Oman quite like seeing photos of it. It’s such a stunning country with amazing variety in landscapes and adventures. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I loved taking them, and most of all I hope they inspire you to visit Oman!

Oman Photos of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Oman photography of the chandelier at Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Oman Photos of Muscat

Turquoise bays off the coast of Muscat, Oman
Costal shot of the towers of Muscat at sunset
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Oman Photos of the Daymaniyat Islands

Landscape shot of white sands and turquoise beaches in the Daymaniyat Islands
Michelle Halpern walking the beach in the Daymaniyat Islands in Oman

Oman Photos of Wadi Shab

Oman Photos of the Wahiba Sands Desert

Contrast in the sand dunes of Oman
Camel in Wahiba Sands
1000 Nights Camp communal areas at night

Oman Photos of Bimmah Sinkhole

Michelle Halpern and Catarina Mello sitting at the edge of the Bimmah Sinkhole in Oman

Oman Photos of the Jabal Al Akhdar Mountains

Mountains at sunrise in Jebel Akhdar

Oman Photos of Jabreen Castle

Jabreen Castle, Oman

Oman Photos of Mud Villages

Catarina Mello, Michelle Halpern and Shelbi Okumura in Al Hamra Mud Village in front of green doorway

Oman Photos of Nizwa

Outside view of the Nizwa Fort with streamers of Omani flags out front

Oman Photos of Birkat al Mouz

Birkat al Mouz ruins at golden hour
Did these images inspire your own Oman photography adventures? Let me know in the comments!

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