Playlist: 8 Hours of In-Flight Chill

Need to calm your flying jitters, put yourself to sleep or just drown out the baby in the row behind you? Voila. This collection of chill songs should do the trick.

This playlist has kept me sane through an emergency flight back to the States from Hong Kong while my mom was in the hospital (longest. flight. ever.). It is also responsible for not sending me to the mental institution after a 14-hour overnight bus ride from hell in India in which the vehicle’s suspension system was so terrible that it was nearly impossible to accurately select a song of choice on my phone without hitting the wrong button. Thankfully for this playlist I was able to get some sleep (and sanity) on the bumpiest ride of my life.

I would recommend downloading this playlist on your phone to have at the ready next time a dire situation strikes. Or if you just want to chill out for eight hours. Because who doesn’t?

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