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Playlist: India Mood

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If you were dropped out of a spaceship into India without being told where you were landing, I’m pretty sure you’d still recognize your surroundings immediately. It’s completely unique — and not just because of the landscape or what it looks like — although yes, there are a ton of visual cues. It’s the full sensory experience — the smells, the energy of the people, the sounds. Definitely the sounds. You can’t quite grasp the entire picture without it.

Indian-inspired music isn’t typically part of my daily soundtrack, but there’s something so peaceful and beautiful about it that’s difficult to put into words. I love this playlist because it has a little bit of everything — Indian musicians paired with artists simply inspired by the culture. There’s slow, meditative songs alongside ones that are much more chaotic and characteristic of the Indian cities I visited. There’s enchanting vocals and beats that will simply not let your body resist movement. For some this playlist might be a little out of your musical comfort zone, but I urge you to give it a try. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Hope you enjoy!

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