Playlist: My Top Songs of 2016

My Top Songs of 2016
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Rather than do one of my typical travel themed playlists, I thought for the end of the year I’d round up a mix of my favorite new songs that released in 2016 with a combo of random songs I’ve been listening to most over the last 12 months regardless of their newness or not. Of course, travel does influence quite a bit of what I listen to — as you’ll see, there are some obvious Latin and Indian influences in here. But there’s also quite a healthy mix of styles from electronic and chilled out tunes, to folk music, hip hop, dance music and even a few Top 40 hits (although if you’re looking for a best of what played on the radio round-up, this is definitely not it). There’s a full six and a half hours of music here, and I recommend listening in order as I’ve tried to give it a nice flow. Happy listening — and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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