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The Best Water Bottle For Travel That Cleans Itself!

The Best Water Bottle For Travel That Cleans Itself!
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There is a shortlist of things I never travel without — and one of those travel essentials is a re-usable water bottle. In this post I wanted to share my favorite brand that I’ve been using for about a year now, because in truth, I’ve tried out a lot of brands over the years and haven’t been completely satisfied with any when it comes to taking them along on my travels. The list of reasons why is varied: too wide of a mouth, hard to clean, leaky, annoying replacement filters, etc. Which is why when I discovered the LARQ Bottle, I was relieved that I had finally found the ONE. Behold, the best water bottle for travel (in my opinion!). I’m about to tell you why this technologically-advanced water purifying bottle is worth every cent of the price tag. 

How I Discovered the Best Water Bottle for Travel

I was originally introduced to the LARQ Bottle for my birthday last year when my stepdad bought it as a gift for me off of a Kickstarter campaign. The technology seemed really interesting, but what I also was initially impressed with was the sleek design. I love when functionality and beautiful design can come together to create one incredible product and the LARQ Bottle has definitely achieved that. 

I originally had the smaller 17 oz. bottle, but LARQ recently came out with a larger size (25 oz) and they were kind enough to send me one for the launch after I reached out expressing my love of their product and interest in working with them. Yes, this post is sponsored but only because I stalked them and basically begged for them to work with me — I love their product that much 🙂

The one you see pictured in this post is the Granite White color and I love that it’s got a slight two-tone and neutral vibe. PS – their bottles come in five beautiful colors and they also sell really cool limited edition sleeves to make the bottle even easier to carry. 

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But first, why bring a water bottle on your travels at all?

If you’ve been living in the dark ages, let me give you a little heads up: we have a major problem on this planet right now with plastic waste. I don’t want to negatively contribute to a problem that is horrible for our Earth’s health. As a lover of the world and exploring it, I would like to preserve this beautiful planet for as long as possible and I hope you do too!

Bringing a reusable water bottle with me on my trips ensures I don’t buy plastic water bottles needlessly. But what makes the LARQ Bottle even more helpful is that it features proprietary technology that kills 99.9999% of bacteria, so that even in locations where there isn’t clean water to refill a normal bottle, the LARQ Bottle does the job for you so you’re never forced to purchase plastic. 

The Best Water Bottle For Travel That Cleans Itself!

How does the LARQ Bottle work? 

The LARQ Bottle is both a water purification system AND a self-cleaning water bottle. It utilizes proprietary mercury-free UV-C LED technology that emits UV-C light in the 280nm range, the optimal wavelength of light, triggering a photochemical reaction to eradicate bacteria and viruses, eliminating harmful, odor-causing germs by destroying their DNA. Phew! It’s a mouthful, but it works so that’s all that matters 🙂  

Rather than using a filtering system that needs to be replaced and costs additional money, The LARQ Bottle is rechargeable and one charge lasts up to 1-2 months of use. After charging up, you’ll notice a light around the rim that goes on and off periodically, which means your bottle is going through a cleaning system. So cool, right? 

The LARQ Bottle has two different modes to fit your lifestyle best – Normal Mode which runs a 60-second cycle and Adventure Mode which runs a 3-minute cycle for extra power, so you can ensure your water is clean while backcountry camping or adventuring in the great outdoors. 

The Best Water Bottle For Travel That Cleans Itself!

So why is this the best water bottle for travel?

There’s a few reasons. So I’ll break ’em down in some easy bullets below. 

  • It cleans itself, so you don’t have to worry about traveling with a bottle brush or finding a place to clean it while you’re away from home (fyi, you may only need to clean it if you use it for liquids other than water).
  • The LARQ Bottle eradicates up to 99.9999% of bacteria and some viruses so you can avoid getting sick from the water in other countries 
  • The bottle featured a double insulated construction that keeps your water cold for a whopping 24 hours!  
  • Sustainable travel is more important than ever and utilizing a refillable water bottle reduces your single use plastics. Even better, LARQ donates 1% of proceeds to 1% for the Planet 
  • The charge lasts 1-2 months so you can boot up before you go on a trip and not worry about it while you’re away
  • The limited edition sleeve (sold separately) makes the LARQ Bottle super easy to carry on all your adventures. At the moment, sleeves are only available for the 17 oz. bottles, but 25 oz. sleeves are coming soon! 

The Verdict

I’ve been using this water bottle for a year now and absolutely love it — and I don’t just use it on my travels. This is my go-to daily water bottle that I bring to the coffee shop, in my car and for pure barre class. I’ve received a lot of compliments on how cool it looks, but when I describe the functionality to people they’re even more impressed. 

If you think the price tag is too steep for a water bottle, just think how much you’ll save over the long run if you cut out purchasing plastic bottled water. The average price of bottled water is $1.45, so if you purchased one every single day of the year, you’re already saving at least over $400 a year. 

This is a great idea for a gift for someone for the upcoming holiday season or to add to your wishlist for someone to give to you! Let me know in the comments below if you’d try the LARQ Bottle or what your experience has been if you’ve already tried it out! 


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The Best Water Bottle For Travel That Cleans Itself!

***Thank you to the LARQ Bottle for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own and I would never promote something I don’t freaking love.***



The Best Water Bottle For Travel That Cleans Itself!

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