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Come Join Me on Unsettled Buenos Aires, Argentina This Fall!

Come Join Me on Unsettled Buenos Aires, Argentina This Fall!
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One of the most exciting projects I have coming up this year is a partnership with Unsettled, a co-working retreat company (which is really so much more than that — read on below to see what I mean) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. While I’m thrilled to be partnering with a company that promotes the digital nomad lifestyle and meeting and learning from other people all over the world, I’m mostly excited because this is the first time I’m traveling somewhere where YOU can actually join me! During the two week trip in October/November, I’ll be living, working and getting unsettled with people from all over the world, and anyone who joins will get a chance to explore the beautiful country of Argentina alongside me and a new group of like-minded friends, while breaking from their typical routine and rethinking what it means to live a life you love.

If you’re wondering what this Unsettled business is all about, the below interview I did with the company’s Head of Experience should answer a ton of your top questions and also give you a deeper look into the heart of Unsettled and why I can’t wait to join their incredible team in Argentina.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to the amazing Leilani Franklin-Apted. Also, don’t forget to scroll to the very bottom of the post for more information about the specific retreat you can join me on as well as my personalized discount code for you should you choose to join any future Unsettled experiences!

Come Join Me on Unsettled Buenos Aires, Argentina This Fall!

Meet Unsettled’s Head of Experience, Leilani Franklin-Apted

Q: I’m so excited to be sharing more about Unsettled with my readers and hopefully encourage them to come along to Buenos Aires! But first thing’s first — what is the whole mission behind Unsettled and can you explain the name a bit?

A: UNSETTLED is an experiential travel + living company for anyone who is seeking to break out of their routine, get inspired, and grow.

While it looks like a travel retreat on the surface, it really is a platform and a process that lets people explore what it means to live in today’s world  – a world where we have never had more options and choices about how we live, work, and adventure.

At the heart of what we do, is a community of people who refuse to settle… people who believe that feeling a little bit “unsettled” can be a positive impulse for change, innovation, and discovery. People who are willing to embrace the unknown, to face and overcome fears, push beyond their own boundaries, question themselves and the world around them, and challenge themselves to live more intentionally. These are the kinds of stories that get to the heart of what it means to be human today — and they are our inspiration.

Embracing the spirit of evolution, we hope to help people take on the ultimate creative challenge… creating and living your best life. This is what it means to Live Unsettled.

Q: The whole concept of travel retreats seems to have exploded in growth recently, especially in the co-working realm. What do you think makes Unsettled unique from the rest?

A: It’s been incredible to be a part of this explosion of taking our lives and work beyond traditional borders! In that sense, we really see intentional travel as a kind of revolutionary act that breaks down barriers between the different part of our lives and lets us live in a more integrated and holistic way. We love to be on the leading edge of that!

What’s really key at Unsettled is that we are not claiming to give people answers on how to live their lives. Instead, we are founded in questions… questions that drive us to experiment and test with what life can be like. These questions, when given time, space, and attention, plant seeds and open potential for people to take charge of designing their own lives.

Come Join Me on Unsettled Buenos Aires, Argentina This Fall!

Q: Who do you think Unsettled is perfect for and who is it not right for?

A: This is a really great question!

At the end of the day it all comes down to fit… anyone can live Unsettled but we want to make sure that people are going to get value out of the unique quality of our trips. For example, if someone is not open to collaborating and being in a group setting, is hoping to check out or just party, or isn’t up for taking charge of their own plans, then they are going to be missing some of the most important opportunities we have on our experiences.   

Fit for us is about exploring being comfortable with new scenarios, about going with the flow, and about embracing the unknown wholeheartedly. How you show up to your Unsettled experience plays a big part in what you get out of it, so we are looking for people who are ready to come to the experience with open hearts and minds, seeking out the value in the discomfort, and wanting to push their boundaries.  

An Unsettled experience is your experience and your chance to explore who you are in new situations. It’s not about being in control all the time, having every minute planned out, or checking things off a sightseeing to do list… instead, it’s much more about showing up for the little things and choosing how you respond to the unique people and places around you. It’s also about staying connected to your unique purpose, staying productive, and getting shit done!

If this sounds fun to you, if you want give yourself the gift of time and space to live intentionally… then living Unsettled is for you!   

Q: Buenos Aires is the very first location that Unsettled launched in and where I’ll be headed with you guys this October! Why does it remain such a great location for Unsettled trips?

A: Buenos Aires is pure magic! Because Unsettled is a platform to explore how we live our lives, we purposefully seek out places that have a unique approach to life… and very few people live as intensely as they do in Buenos Aires!  

Infused with passion, dripping with art and culture, and crazy in the best kind of way, Buenos Aires is a modern capital like no other. It is an incredible blend of contrasting and complementing elements that provides an amazing backdrop to explore from the inside out.   

It’s this interesting approach to life, and deep sense of creativity, that has kept us coming back! And honestly, seeing each Unsettled participant uncover their own version of Buenos Aires has only made us realize how much this city has to offer…  we can’t wait for more!

Q: At the end of the day, what do you hope that someone who decides to join Unsettled walks away with, tangible or intangible? What would be considered a successful experience from Unsettled’s perspective?

A: Success for us is when each person gets something that is meaningful and useful to them out of their experience, whatever that might be. We don’t try to define that. Instead, we hope to create an environment that is fertile with potential and possibility.

Seeing what people make from that is part of the fun and I can’t tell you the number of times we have been impressed with what people create out of their experiences. The whole really is greater than the sum of the parts and yet, not having only one version of success means that everyone gets something that uniquely belongs to them…

If someone walks away from an experience, with a greater connection to the potential within and around them, having viscerally lived it, then that is a big win. This lets them go out into the world and enhance all the other areas of their lives they have already invested in… which elevates everything! We love that 🙂 

Q: Ok, now that people are convinced they should join (I hope!), what is the application process like for anyone that’s interested in joining?

A: It’s really simple! Come get to know us better by checking out our online home at

From there you can pick a destination and apply to join us! We love getting to know people, so after we get your application, we’ll get in touch to set up a quick Skype call where we can chat, answer any questions, and learn a bit more about where you are in life.

If we all feel great after this then, you’re in…all that’s left to do is get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

Come Join Me on Unsettled Buenos Aires, Argentina This Fall!

So…Are You Ready to Join Me for Unsettled Buenos Aires, Argentina? Thought so. Here are all the deets below! 


October 27th – November 10th


  • Private accommodations in a furnished apartment or shared house. Your home away from home.
  • A workspace to be productive, get creative, and reimagine what’s possible in a week, a month, a year, or a lifetime.
  • A fully dedicated team of experience leaders and local experts who push your boundaries, challenge your perspectives, and support your exploration, growth, and adventures.
  • A curated community of diverse, like-minded peers from around the world who hold a wealth of experience far deeper than their careers.
  • An immersive experience filled with a calendar of events, community sessions, dinner parties, happy hours, curated local experiences, classes, peer-to-peer and facilitated workshops, excursions, and more.
  • + all the little extras: Local SIM card & airport pickups upon arrival, location guides and logistics, and plenty of surprises. Once you join Unsettled, you’ll also be connected to our global community of more than 1,000 members in 70 countries who live Unsettled


The price starts at $2,000 with housing and $1000 if you choose the Self-Accommodation option. But you can get $200 off the retreat when you use my code: UNSETTLEDXMICHELLE (ps – if you can’t join me in Buenos Aires, you can still use the code to get a discount on future retreats)!


  • Enjoying tango in a milonga til dawn…
  • Rooftop sunsets while sipping on Mendoza wine…
  • Graffiti & street art tours…
  • Incredible live music throughout the city…
  • Chowing down on steaks, chorizo, and helado every day…
  • A trek through the Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur…
  • Adventures in Patagonia and Iguazu falls…

…and much more!

Ready to apply? Follow this link to join me on Unsettled Buenos Aires 


All images courtesy of Unsettled 

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