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12 Gorgeous Travel Journals for Documenting Your Next Adventure

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I have a confession to make. I am completely addicted to buying travel journals. I guess there could be worse addictions, but I tend to acquire them faster than they can be filled, which inevitably leads to an unused pile of journals at home whose pages only collect dust.

So why am I so obsessed with collecting said accumulations of paper? It may be because I’ve loved writing my whole life. But I also like to think of discovering a great travel journal much like discovering a great friend. The purpose of a journal is to open you up, to expose your most sincere and honest emotions — to get the writing juices flowing and put the thoughts in your head (as scary as they may be) to paper. Just as I’m able to open up to some friends more than others, I can’t just write my thoughts down in any old journal.

It has to be inviting aesthetically. It has to inspire me to open up. It must be something that I’m excited to go to every day to trust with my thoughts and ideas. If I don’t truly love my journal, I won’t develop a daily practice of writing in it. Plain and simple. So if you’re like me and appreciate one that’s well designed (and of course properly functional), I think you’ll love these options below. Some are ones that I own myself. Some are ones I hope to scoop up at some point along my next adventure.

new-collection-brightideas_1024x1024Bright Ideas Pocket Notebook by Sloane Stationery, $19.66

vintage-plain-notebookVintage Plain Notebook by Mochi Things, $3.95

passport-everyday-pocket-notebooks-02_1Passport Pocket Notebook by Rifle Paper Co., $10 (as set of 2)

traveljournalwhiteLe Voyageur Journal by Poketo, $16

vintage-plain-notebook (1)Vintage Plain Notebook by Mochi Things, $3.95

39471446_001_b (1)My Bucket List Fill-In Journal by Axel & Ash, $34.99

5X8-CODY_HUDSON-FRONTCody Hudson for Public Supply Journal by Public Supply, $15

the-journal-planner (1)The Journal Planner by Mochi Things, $22.95

39891502_030_bFive Year Diary by Urban Outfitters, $24.95

make_some_magic_today_notebook_cover‘Make Some Magic Today’ Notebook by The Paper Bunny, $15.90

original_amsterdam-journal-in-a-range-of-coloursAmsterdam Journal by Peony & Thistle, $9

jrm007-01Travel Essentials Everyday Journal by Rifle Paper Co., $15

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  • Jessica Wright August 4, 2016 at 4:23 pm

    I love all of these!!

    • LLITW August 7, 2016 at 3:22 pm

      It is taking all of my willpower not to buy them all! 🙂