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Travel Blogging Gear List! All My Tech + Camera Gear, Updated 2020 Edition

Travel Blogging Gear List! All My Tech + Camera Gear, 2018 Edition
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This is a post that is LONG overdue, but I’m excited to finally share with you guys my complete travel blogging gear list. The breakdown below is literally everything I use and need to run my blogging business from a tech perspective — from writing and editing the posts on this blog to taking photos for my Instagram page and everything in between.

My Updated Travel Blogging Gear List for 2020

Please note that this is only the external gear that I use and love. There are tons of programs, software, apps etc that I’ve also used throughout the years that help make this blogging life possible (and way more efficient!) but perhaps that’s a whole separate blog post for you.

If you have any questions at all, leave a comment at the bottom of the post and know that by no means do you need everything below to start a blog or become a successful blogger. Everyone has their own set of gear that works for them, and just starting out taking photos with your iPhone is better than not starting at all! Ok onwards…

The Essentials

1. Sony A7RIII DSLR Camera: I’ve been using Sony’s camera systems for several years now and recently upgraded from the A7RII to the A7RIII. When I first started blogging, I was using a basic Canon Rebel model and while that got the job done, my photos have improved tremendously since making the switch to Sony. Plus, I find Sony cameras to be more compact and easier to travel with.

2. Sony 24-70mm Zoom Lens F/4: This is the main lens I use when I want to take more wide angle shots or sweeping landscapes. This is definitely my most frequently used lens for my travel photos.

3. Sony Fixed 35mm Lens F/2.8: This is a great go-to fixed lens, especially if you want something super small and lightweight.

4. Sony G-Master 24-70mm F/2.8: I don’t own this lens yet, but it will be my next upgrade and I’ve rented it for several recent trips, so more recent photos you may have seen on my Instagram feed have been taken with this lens. It’s the same focal length as the lens I own in #2, but it has a lower F stop which makes it better in lower light situations and is just crisper overall.

5. MacBook Pro 13.3 Inch with Retina Display: My laptop comes with me pretty much everywhere, since I rarely get a day off. I’ve had no complaints with my current MacBook Pro and highly recommend getting a model with the retina display for optimal photography editing.

6. DJI Mavic Pro Drone Fly More Combo: I just purchased this drone from DJI a couple of months ago and am loving it so far. With the help of a few YouTube videos, I was pretty much up and running within a day and have found it much easier to use than anticipated. I highly recommend investing in the Fly More Combo which comes with all of the accessories you need to make sure you don’t have downtime should you lose battery or propellers during a flight. It also comes with a nice carrying case to take along on your adventures.

7. Passport for Mac External Hard Drives (I have at least 4): If you don’t have a regular habit of backing up your work, now is the time. I always take multiple hard drives along with me on trips so I can backup my photos in two different places to ensure nothing gets lost.

8. LaCie Rugged 4TB External Harddrive – This is another brand of external hard drives I use which are meant to withstand any potential damage better.

9. Pacsafe Venturesafe X40 Backpack: This is my current camera backpack (make sure to add on the camera insert at checkout which fits nicely in the secret back compartment). This bag is not ideal for day to day use as it’s a bit large, but it’s great to take as your carry-on to store all your camera gear as well.

Camera + Tech Accessories

10. Sony Z-series Rechargeable Battery Pack: The battery life for the A7RIII cameras is a massive improvement from the past models, but it’s still necessary to have an extra charged battery or two on hand for those long days of shooting. If you have a different camera model for Sony, make sure you’re buying the correct size for your camera.

11. Tiffen UV Filters: These inexpensive neutral filters add an extra layer of protection in the unfortunate event that I drop my camera or crack a lens.

12. Sandisk Memory Cards: I have many different memory cards but the Sandisk Extreme Pro memory cards are great starter cards that get the job done.

13. Sony Tough-G Series SD Card: These memory cards are expensive but worth it — especially if you’re a travel photographer and know you are going to be shooting in different weather conditions.

14. Tamrac Memory Card Pouch: Since memory cards are so tiny and easy to lose track of, I like storing them all in one place where I know where to find them. This Tamrac one has been great and I have no complaints!

15. Manfrotto Compact Tripod: The perfect travel tripod. Small enough to fit in my suitcase and large enough to give me flexibility with my shots.

16. Sea to Summit Dry Bag (I have the 13L one): This dry bag has been essential in giving me peace of mind while shooting in various weather or wet conditions. I recently used this to store my camera on a kayak ride out to the Benagil Caves in Portugal, and it’s protected my gear in torrential downpours on safari in South Africa. The 13L is a good size if you want to fit your camera, some clothes, and some other essential items for a day trip.

17. GoPro Hero4: Admittedly I haven’t used my GoPro in quite some time and it needs an update, but including this here since GoPros are great for getting underwater shots and selfies in action adventure mode. If you’re going to go this route, I would recommend investing in the Hero8 which is way better quality with more advanced capabilities.

18. GoPro Waterproof Handgrip: This little holder is great for water activities in case you drop your GoPro — with this handy accessory it will float to the surface rather than sink!

19. GoPro Dome: I haven’t had many chances to make use of my dome housing for GoPro lately as it’s best used in tropical destinations where the water is super clear. However, this is the accessory to get if you’re looking to get those split in/out of water shots.

20. Sandmarc iPhone Lens Kit, Photography Edition: Since I don’t own any super wide angle, fish eye or macro lenses for my Sony A7RII, I love this Sandmarc iPhone attachment lens kit that includes these capabilities. They’re super easy to use, switch out and are great quality if you’re really into iPhone photography.

21. Giotto Air Blaster: Used for getting dust particles off of your camera lens or out of your sensor.

22. Pocket Juice Portable Charger: A travel essential that I never leave on a trip without (except when I forget and then disaster inevitably ensues).

23. Apple Smart Battery Case: Another life saving tool is this charging case for iPhone 7, which gives me an extra full phone charge throughout my day of adventures.

24. Laptop Sleeve: Nothing sexy, but gets the job done.

25. Lens Pen: Another great tool for cleaning your lenses, this LensPen allows you to remove dust, grime and particles easily and safely.

26. Dual USB Charger: A must have for anyone with lots of devices and gear to charge on a regular basis.

27. Lens Tissue: A great backup cleaning method to have on hand for anytime your camera lens gets dirty.

28. Electronic Organizer: When you start to rack up a collection of tech gear, it’s essential to have some sort of organizational system and designated place to put everything, especially cords which seem to easily get misplaced and confused.

So there you have it! These are the exact items I use to run this travel blogging life of mine. Feel free to leave a question or comment below if you’re curious about any of the items I’ve listed here, and I hope you found this helpful!

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