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The 25 Best Stylish Camera Bags For Women in 2021

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Finding the perfect camera bag to travel with is a topic that has caused me much frustration since I started travel blogging and taking photography more seriously. Time and time again, I find that camera bags are geared more towards men than women, and end up having a more masculine or rugged design -– or to be honest, they’re just plain ugly! Finding the best stylish camera bags for women has been honestly, a real struggle.

Are you in the same boat? Well, I hope this post will help!

While I still don’t feel that I’ve found the holy grail of stylish camera bags quite yet (I’m not sure it exists), the below are the absolute best women’s camera bags I’ve discovered after scouring all over the web, including mainstream retailers, sites like Etsy, Amazon and indie travel gear brands.

The 25 styles I’ve included are hands down the best women’s camera bags that I think make the cut when it comes to being both aesthetically appealing AND functional.

Some on the list are fully equipped with the organization and pockets needed for more serious photographers with a lot of gear (aka someone like me that does this professionally or as a very serious hobby).

Other styles you’ll find below fall into more of the fashion camera bag category and are still functional for more basic photography needs or with a little extra help in the organization department.

You can always purchase a separate camera cube like this one to make any bag instantly more organized.

If you’re looking for something stylish to carry your gear in, I’m confident you’ll find something you like in one of these options below!

Let me know in the comments below which are your favorites and if you’ve found any amazing designs that I should add to the list – do tell!

Your Ultimate Guide to the Most Stylish Camera Bags For Women

1. PRVKE Series Backpack by Wandrd

If we’re talking women’s camera bags with both a combination of aesthetics and function, then the Wandrd PRVKE series backpack might just be the best camera bag out there right now.

While it’s technically unisex and not considered a women’s camera backpack, I like that the design is pretty sleek and not overly masculine, plus it comes in 4 different color options including some that are more feminine.

What’s especially unique about the Wandrd PRVKE camera backpack is that it comes in two size options–a 21L and 31L–and the customizations don’t stop there. Depending on your tech and photography needs, you can choose the basic organization system up to the pro photography bundle, which includes maximum organization for your gear and the best accessories so you have everything you need while you’re out shooting.

PRVKE travel and camera backpack by Wandrd, $184 at Wandrd

2. The Christie Bag By Gatta

If you’re on the hunt for a more fashionable camera backpack, look no further than Gatta’s Christie Bag. I personally own this bag and I love it for shorter day trips out exploring a city when I know I’ll only be using one or two lenses.

What’s great about this bag is that it doesn’t look like a typical camera backpack at all, so it calls less attention to your gear. Plus it not only has a snap closure but an additional zipper closure for added security and five interior pockets so you can keep your lenses and camera accessories organized.

Christie backpack in noir by Gatta, $198 at GATTA

3. The Backpack Pro by Douchebags

Created by influencer and former pro skier, Jon Olsson (you may know him as the partner to @jannid), Douchebags is a brand truly crafted by traveling creatives, for traveling creatives.

They have tons of bags to choose from including full sized luggage, but I love The Backpack Pro as a daily camera backpack for women because it includes tons of pro level features while still looking like it could be a basic travel backpack.

A few design features worth noting: It includes removable chest and hip belts, accessible top pockets and padded laptop pocket so you can quickly get through airport security, plus it’s nicely customizable with their camera inserts and attaches easily to their full-sized luggage.

The Backpack Pro in desert khaki by Douchebags, $209 at Douchebags

4. Claremont Leather Crossbody by Lo & Sons

In the world of cute camera bags, Lo & Sons is definitely a go-to option for photographers looking for a fashion conscious and simple day bag when they don’t require carrying a ton of gear.

What’s great about this crossbody camera bag is that you can use it to carry your DSLR when duty calls, but also double it as a normal day bag when you’re off the clock.

The Claremont Bag features interior padding to keep your camera safe, discreet pockets for added security, and even includes two tiny pockets for SD card storage.

Claremont leather camera crossbody by Lo & Sons, $368 at Lo&Sons

5. Brevité Jumper Photo Backpack

This stylish camera backpack features a super minimal design which is ideal when you want to keep a low profile while exploring in more urban environments.

The Brevité Jumper bag comes in 10 different colors including more feminine hues and I love that it was designed with just enough features (like mesh pockets, water bottle holder, and side pocket for easy gear removal) without a ton of extra unnecessary bells and whistles.

The Jumper Photo Backpack, $129 at Moment

6. The Mini Tog Bag

The ultimate compact design when it comes to camera bags for women, the Mini Tog Bag is one of Etsy’s most highly reviewed camera bags.

This is a great option for day trips when you don’t need to carry around 100% of your gear and includes removable velcro dividers so you can customize the layout to your specific needs.

This mini camera bag is made from vegan leather and comes in grey, black or tan.

The Mini Tog compact camera backpack by The tog bag, $111 at Etsy

7. The Full Size Tog Bag

The larger version of the Tog Bag, this fashionable camera backpack is perfect for anyone who needs to carry a ton of gear, without looking like they’re lugging $2000 worth of tech on their backs.

The vegan leather design comes in three sleek neutral colors and the Tog Bag gets an upgrade from the Mini Tog with an added laptop sleeve for up to a 15” laptop, a side pocket for easy grab and go access to your gear, and more.

The Tog Bag, $209 at Etsy

8. Simple Camera Bag by Langly

stylish camera bags for women - Langly in coyote

This camera backpack can hold up to eight lenses and a camera body for those days when you need all your armor to get the job done. However, the camera insert is removable, which makes it an easy transition item from shoot days to regular days out exploring.

The Langly Simple Camera Bag is ideal for outdoor adventurers as it features a waterproof body fabric and YKK zippers for maximum protection from the elements.

Simple camera bag with insert by Langly, $135 at Langly

9. Leo Canvas Backpack

While the Leo Canvas Backpack wasn’t specifically formulated as a ladies camera bag, I still think it’s a great option if you’re looking for something that can work for your photography needs while adding something stylish to your outfit as well.

I love the leopard print accent and sheer front pocket which are design features you won’t find on any camera bags out there. Plus there’s some great functional aspects here as well–namely, a sleeve for up to a 15.6” laptop and adjustable padded shoulder straps which are key when you’re lugging around heavy gear.

If you want a fully functioning camera bag, you’ll have to purchase a separate camera insert but there are a ton out there that will fit nicely inside this bag.

Leo Canvas Backpack by Harvest USA, $85 at Etsy

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10. Tarion Waterproof Backpack

With 4.5 stars on over 1,200 reviews, this Tarion bag is one of the best women’s camera bags on Amazon and is fully loaded with all the features you need as a photographer.

The Tarion bag features ergonomic back support, a super high waterproof rating for adventurous photographers, and plenty of space to hold all your lenses, tripod, laptop and more.

Camera backpack with waterproof rain cover by TARION, $79.98 at Amazon

11. The Collins Convertible Tote by Kelly Moore

There’s a reason why Kelly Moore bags are some of the most popular in the category of stylish camera bags for women. The brand has done a great job of combining beautiful aesthetics with functional designs for female photographers.

I particularly like the look of the Collins Bag, but based on the reviews there are a couple things to look out for. Some reviewers report that the bag can get heavy if loaded up with too much gear, so I would choose this one if I was packing on the lighter side and was doing shorter trips rather than instances where I had to carry this bag around for hours at a time.

The Collins 2.0 Bag, $159 at Kelly Moore

12. Dakota Backpack by Dagne Dover

I have the mini version of this Dagne Dover backpack, and while it isn’t technically meant to be a women’s camera bag, hear me out. I get SO MANY compliments on this bag. It’s adorable and the cool neoprene material is really different from a lot of styles I’ve seen out there–plus, it’s super lightweight.

In the larger size, there’s room for a laptop and a small camera insert if you purchased separately, plus the neoprene is hand washable and water resistant and super cushiony which is great for gear protection.

Added bonus: the cushiony straps are really comfortable on the shoulders and there’s a sleeve to connect to your luggage when you’re off jetsetting. If you don’t need a traditional camera bag with all the pro features, this could be a great option for you.

Dakota Neoprene Backpack, $175 at Dagne Dover

13. Lola Noir Crossbody by Gatta

Another great crossbody camera bag option, the Lola Noir by Gatta is a compact camera bag for less gear intensive photographers who just need a few key items while they’re out exploring. This bag should fit any DSLR camera plus an extra lens along with a few small everyday essentials.

Lola Noir camera crossbody bag by Gatta, $159 at GATTA

14. The ReNew Transit Backpack

If you’re looking for something that can double as your everyday work backpack and service photography needs as well, Everlane’s ReNew Transit backpack is a nice option that’s super sleek and minimal.

It has tons of different pockets and departments to keep your gear organized, but with an added camera insert (you would need to purchase separately), you could totally make this sustainable backpack into a full-fledged camera bag.

The ReNew Transit Backpack, $68 at Everlane

15. Oliday Camera Backpack

For serious photographers who need maximum carrying capacity, this gorgeous Olliday camera backpack checks all the boxes. The reviews speak for themselves. Not only does this stylish camera backpack feature a beautiful design, it has two separate compartments–one on top and one on bottom–both with easy access, so you can get to all your gear quickly.

Even better, the camera inserts are removable so when you want to leave the camera at home, you can fill the Olliday up with personal belongings for an easy weekend adventure.

Camera Backpack by Oliday, $158, available at Etsy

16. The ONA Big Sur Backpack

Constructed from weather-resistant waxed canvas, the ONA Big Sur backpack in black is a nice sleek design that looks really elevated with leather detailing and solid brass hardware.

Inside, the camera backpack zips open completely for easy access to your gear and can hold A LOT of camera bodies and lenses inside the interior dividers. Another great feature are the stretchy side pockets which are great for carrying a water bottle or a tripod hands-free.

The Big Sur Backpack by ONA, $299 at B&H Photo

17. Peak Design Everyday Totepack

For versatility, the Peak Design Totepack is a cool design that allows two different carrying options: as a tote bag or backpack. With 20L of capacity, this bag has awesome accessibility from both the top of the bag and the sides so you don’t have to go digging around for your gear.

One feature I really love in this bag are the external carrying straps that allow you to strap on any extra items like jackets or blankets onto the outside rather than having to fit it all inside on days you can’t pack light.

The Peak Design Everyday Totepack, $179.95 at B&H Photo

18. The Vegan Woodstock Bag by Kelly Moore

There are 19 different pockets in this bag. Whoa. Just whoa. Even still, the design of this backpack is so sleek, you’d never know it was a camera bag.

With a laptop sleeve, organizational padding for a DSLR and lenses, plus tons of other pockets for credit cards and small accessories, the Woodstock is going to be your go-to bag for every scenario, from shooting on the go to day trips out with friends.

The Woodstock Bag, $139 at Kelly Moore

19. Fawn Design Bags

A couple years ago I was sitting in a cafe in Austin, Texas and in walked a woman wearing this cute Fawn Design bag made from vegan leather. I immediately thought it was a camera bag but when I inquired found out it was actually designed as a diaper bag.

The good news: Moms need lots of pockets, but photographers do too–which is why I think these bags can easily double as a cute camera backpack. I love that these bags have detachable backpack straps so you can use this bag as both a messenger bag or backpack depending on your style.

Fawn Design the Original Diaper Bag, $169.99 at Fawn Design

20. The Backpack 2.0 by Compagnon

This camera backpack is definitely one of the more rugged looking on the list, but I like that they’ve added new color options like a mustard and dark blue hue to provide different options for customers.

This bag is definitely for more serious photographers who need all the bells and whistles in their pack, from standard laptop sleeves and camera gear organization to extra wide shoulder straps for superior comfort to multiple exterior tripod mounts for both compact and medium sized tripods. The roll-top design also allows for even more personal goods to be carried beyond your gear.

The Backpack 2.0, €486.42 at Compagnon

21. Beis Beige Backpack

If you’re looking for a women’s camera backpack that is both feminine and chic, Beis is a great go-to brand. This backpack isn’t crafted specifically for photography needs, but the padded shoulder straps, water resistant material and fully unzippable front make it an easy bag to transition into a camera bag with a separate insert.

Beis Backpack, $78 at Revolve

22. The Petite Backpack by Douchebags

Combining the fashionable appeal of a trendy mini backpack with the functionality of a simple camera bag, this Douchebags style is great when you don’t need to carry around heavy duty equipment and want to explore in style. The chain is detachable and the main compartment zippers open completely for easy access to your gear.

The Petite Backpack, $179 at Douchebags

23. Nomatic McKinnon Camera Cube Pack

Designed in collaboration with travel photographer Peter McKinnon, this Nomatic pack is more on the unisex side but I like that it can double as a women’s camera bag without being too masculine.

This bag was specifically made in a carry-on size so it will easily fit in the seat in front of you on flights and it has superior padding to make sure your gear is protected at all times. 

Nomatic McKinnon Camera Cube Pack, $114.99 at Amazon

24. Day Owl Backpack

When you need a gear bag that is unassuming, this stylish pack from Day Owl has a lot of great features that make it ideal for a women’s camera bag.

The waxed canvas material and neoprene lined water bottle pocket is ideal for days out shooting in the elements. The padded straps are comfortable on the back. Additionally, this bag features great organizational pockets and a luggage strap to easily fit over your roller bag when running to catch your flight.

The Backpack in pale pink, $149 at Day Owl

25. Bodhi Camera Backpack

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much this mini camera bag can fit without sacrificing on style! With included adjustable velcro dividers for gear organization and several compartments for hard drives and accessories, the Bodhi bag has great reviews from photography lovers who want to look stylish while out in the field. 

The Bodhi Camera Backpack, $101 at Etsy

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